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DNS-NG is a simplified DNS server that uses a backend DNS server to store DNS records (redirects). For requests that don't have matching records in the DB, it contacts another DNS server to fetch their result.

This script also includes a Qt4 User Interface for managing the DNS server. The DNS server itself is based on the twisted framework and uses sqlalchmey for database ORM. Requirements for the script are:

  • python
  • python-qt4
  • twisted-python
  • sqlalchemy


Download DNS-NG 0.5

If you want to contribute to the code, the git repository is at:

Installation and Usage Instructions

  1. Unzip the code into a folder. Install python and python setuptools if not already present.
  2. Install twisted and sqlalchemy using easy_install. For example:

    easy_install sqlalchemy
    easy_install twisted
  3. Install apropriate database driver for python if not present. For example, if you want to use MySQL as the backend db, you need to install the mysql-python package.

    easy_install mysql-python
  4. Edit the file to update your database type and access credentials
  5. Create tables in the database using:

    python --setup_db
  6. Now you can run the DNS server using either



    python --daemon (For running as a daemon/service)
  7. To run the Qt4 User Interface, run